Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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The dancing kaleidoscope "From the Temples of India to the Mountains of Scotland"

The Moscow International Performing Arts Center The dancing kaleidoscope "From the Temples of India to the Mountains of Scotland"

June 17, 2009/Theatre Hall, 19:00


From the Temples of India to the Mountains of ScotlandFour dance studios have gathered together to demonstrate a vivid kaleidoscope of national dances from India, Scotland and Ireland.

We have bound together so different dance traditions to reflect a fantastical interweaving of cultures in the modern world.

Every dance has its national character and colour. Every dance contains a centuries-old wisdom of its people. They are so different but are united by a powerful charge of positive energy, sparkling joy and inexhaustible creative work.

Dancers from the studio of Indian dance "Ananda Tandava" perform traditional temple dances of India (Kuchipudi style). This ancient tradition combines dance with the art of actor. Every movement bears a message and the dancer expresses its meaning with all of his body.

The studio of Scottish dance "Shady Glen" performs classic Scottish national dances in all the variety of forms and styles: from fiery reels to modern examples of Scottish art of dance.

Maria Singal’s and "IRIDAN" studios of Irish dance will perform the world known Irish step and graceful soft dances.

The zest of the concert will be in joint productions that combine Indian, Scottish and Irish dances!



Studio of Indian dance "ANANDA TANDAVA"

Studio of Scottish dance "SHADY GLEN"

Maria Singal’s studio of Irish dance

Studio of Irish dance "IRIDAN"

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