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The structure of human "subtle body"

According to Indian philosophical tradition alongside with the branchy nervous system responsible for the perceiving of the physical world, in human body there also exists the so-called "subtle system" that The structure of human "subtle body"regulates emotional, psychological and spiritual existence of people.

This energy system (or "subtle body") consists of three channels called nadis and seven basic energy centers - chakras. Each chakra is responsible for realization of certain spiritual qualities which remain non-manifested in most people.

In India the aim of human life is believed to be in achieving Self-realization what means the awakening of Kundalini energy that stays asleep during many reincarnations. While awoken, Kundalini rises up along the central energy channel (spinal column being its physical realization) and fills all the seven centers (chakras) with pure energy that makes it possible for all the human spiritual qualities to manifest themselves spontaneously.

Regular meditations allow strengthening of the "subtle body" without any mental efforts. As a result a person becomes calm, satisfied, and at the same time active and creative. With all this, in the process of meditation an individual gets the opportunity to exactly diagnose the condition of his/her "subtle system" by means of vibrations (sensations) which manifest themselves on palms of hands.

The matter is that the projections of all the seven chakras are found on palms. The right palm is responsible for diagnosing the right aspect of each chakra, and the left palm is responsible for the left aspect respectively. Cool vibrations (breeze) on any of the projections indicate that a chakra is all right; warm or hot vibrations, pricking, numbness, feeling of heaviness and burning pain indicate that a person's credo, his/her philosophy of life or his/her deeds lead to problems in subtle body and eventually develop into psychological and physical problems.


0. Sacrum

A three cornered bone at the base of the spinal column is the residence of Kundalini. Sacrum means "sacred" in Latin.


1. Muladhara

Located at the base of the spinal column on its exterior side.Muladhara

Element - Earth.

It has four thin petals.

Qualities: innocence, purity, chastity, wisdom, spontaneous knowledge of Truth (as with a child). It is connected with genitals and organs of secretion.

Problems in this center are caused by moral unscrupulousness, too excessive or perverted sexual life, unnecessary asceticism, adultery, aggressiveness, and negative actions against children.

Diagnosis - sensations at the base of palms.


2. Swadhisthana

Located at the appendix level (a palm's width lower than umbilicus).

It has 6 energy petals.Swadhisthana

Element - Fire.

Qualities: abilities for creative work and for acquiring knowledge, knowledge of Truth. It controls functions of kidneys, lower part of liver, pancreas, spleen and bowels.

Problems in this center are caused by intense future planning, a habit to live on the future, excessive learning and work, magic, witchcraft and occult practices.

Diagnosis - sensations on thumbs.


3. Nabi

Nabi-chakra (other name Manipura) regulates the level of prosperity, success in business, relations with partner in marriage, ability to fulfill Dharma (inner moral and spiritual duty).

It has 10 energy petals.Nabi

Element - Water.

Qualities: the enlightened Nabi grants a person a feeling of satisfaction, endows with generosity and hospitality, shifts attention from material consumption upon spiritual life, gives support in spiritual ascension. Physically this chakra is connected with stomach, upper part of liver, bowels.

Problems in this center are caused by stinginess, passion for material consumption, moral unscrupulousness, adultery, disrespect to partner in marriage, stealing, illegal money income, alcohol and medicinal chemistry.

Diagnosis - sensations in middle fingers.

Nabi is surrounded by the Void which is figuratively called "the ocean of illusions". In this area the central channel suffers a break and Kundalini energy cannot rise higher than Swadhistana if the Void isVoid not filled with vibrations of a true spiritual leader whom a person accepted as his/her mentor.

Bhawasagara is the other name for the Void. This aspect is connected with the progress of personality, through it we are influenced by stars, planets and forces of gravitation.

Problems in this center are caused by cruel and egoistic behavior, moral unscrupulousness, non-observance of Dharma, following pseudo-teachers and pseudo-doctrines, and also by all the factors that strike Nabi-chakra.

Diagnosis - sensations on palms except for their centers.


4. Anahata

Located at the heart level.

Element - Fire.Anahata

Physically it regulates heart, lungs and bronchi functions.

Qualities: in normal condition it endows a person with fearlessness, a feeling of confidence and security, good immunity, ability to love without affection, favorable relations with parents.

It has 12 energy petals-valencies.

Problems in this center are caused by unhealthy emotional affections, fear, smoking, disrespect for parents, spiritually deprived life, cruelty, egoism, moral unscrupulousness, excessive physical work.

Diagnosis - sensations on little fingers.


5. Vishuddha

Located at the jugular cavity level at the neck base.

It has 16 energy petals.Vishuddha

Element - Air (sky, ether).

Physically it is responsible for throat, neck, face, teeth, ears, tongue, nose, eyes and abilities to speak and sing.

Qualities: good Vishuddha grants a person pleasant mimicry, splendid speech, ear for music and voice, ability to be a loose witness to everything that happens around and the ability to easily adapt in any team.

Problems in this center are caused by foul and abusive language, rudeness, dominance over others via speech (shouts, rough instructions etc.), talkativeness, rumours, disdain of those who surround you, smoking, flirtation and impure thoughts towards opposite sex, feeling of guilt.

Diagnosis - sensations in forefingers.


6. Ajna

Located on the level of the middle of forehead in the place where optic nerves intersect.

Element - Light.Ajna

It has 2 energy petals.

Physically connected with frontal, temporal and end lobes of the brain.

Qualities: grants a person the ability for higher forms of thinking and sensation of Self (self as Pure Spirit), estimates the opportunity of visual perception.

Problems in this center are caused by unforgiveness, yearning for vengeance, impure eyes and thoughts, construction of bulky mental conceptions, intensive thinking, egoism, illusions about one's personal might, conditionality and strict following the rules.

Diagnosis - sensation in third fingers.


7. Sahasrara

Sahasrara-chakra ("Thousand petal lotus") is located in the upper part of the head in the area ofSahasrara sinciput. It is connected with limbic nerve plexus.

It has 1000 energy petals-valencies. Fully combines all the principles of all the other subtle centers.

When Kundalini reaches Sahasrara-chakra and goes through it a person feels the state of unity with the Deity and acquires the initial Truth by merging with it into a single whole.

Problems in this center are caused by doubts in God's existence, atheism, activity against God.

Diagnosis - sensations in the palm centers.



The so called "autonomous nerve system" is said to be functioning in human organism. According to Indian philosophical tradition it consists of three channels.


The left channel is called Ida Nadi.

It is connected with the right and hind side of the brain. The left channel nourishes the left sympathetic nerve system; it is responsible for a person's emotional life and his/her past. One may say that this channel stores the past. Everything that is the present today will become the past tomorrow. The Unconscious draws information and images out of this channel. Besides, the unconscious mind of every person is connected to the centuries-old collective unconscious mind. All events that have taken place since the world was created stay dormant in the collective unconscious that accumulates and keeps everything that happened during the process of evolution.


The right channel is called Pingala Nadi.

It is connected with the left and front side of the brain and intersects with Ida Nadi on the Ajna-chakra level. This channel nourishes the right sympathetic nerve system. On the right side there is a conscious mind that creates our future. Everything that a person thinks of the future is recorded on the right side which has access to the collective overconscious. The collective overconscious stores aggressive species of animals and plants and also all information that is placed there by excessively ambitious and extremely future-oriented individuals.

The central channel is called Sushumna Nadi.

Kundalini goes through it in order to further go through the fontanel area (Brahmarandhra) and unite with the All-Penetrating Cosmic Energy (or World Mind). Sushumna Nadi is the channel of the present. A person whose Kundalini has risen up this channel can perceive the reality objectively while staying in a state of a loose witness and being in permanent contact with God.

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