Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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Moscow Kuchipudi Dance Studio ANANDA THANDAVA. Our achievements

Nazira Tyuleneva

Nazira TyulenevaThe participant of our Studio  Nazira Tyuleneva has won the first prize in the nomination "The Indian Classical Dance - Kuchipudi - solo (adults)" at "The Second Open Festival-Competition of the Indian Dances Performers"!
You can see the video from the competition in the "Video" section.

Training DVD

The training film on Kuchipudi is brought out on DVD (in russian). Look here for the details.

December 24, 2008

A performance in the White HouseA performance in the White House on the occasion of celebration of Christmas and The New Year. December 24, 2008.

The time has come to renew the "Indian-Soviet friendship"!
The coming year 2009 has been proclaimed the year of India in Russia!
We were lucky to be the first swallows in establishing cultural connections between our countries.
The energy of the meeting of two great cultures - Kuchipudi and the Government of Russia headed by V.V. Putin (unfortunately we couldn't see D.A. Medvedev) turned out to be truly stunning.
In the middle of the dancing the equipment went down and the auditorium sank into the absolute silence. But we managed to demonstrate the paragons of self-control: for a whole minute we stood at attention with our hands raised in "natyarambhe" position. The numerous attempts to drive us off the stage by means of prolonged storm of applause were not crowned with success! We did not leave the stage until they turned the music on for one more time and gave us the opportunity to dance from the start. The exclusive photos can be viewed here.

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