Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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A short chronicle of "Ananda Tandava" 'S MOST significant dance events.

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. April 21, 2007

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts

In every concert lecture we try to reveal some new side of the classic dance art of the ancient India. We familiarize the audience with Gods and the ways they are portrayed in dance, with the art of abhinaya (pantomime), reveal the secrets of ritual temple divine worships. What is so important for us about the April 21 lecture? It was the first time that we showed the way the classic temple art of dance can go with the times without losing its sacral properties. We presented two compositions. The first was born as the result of cooperation with the Irish dancers: Irish music, French lyrics and abhinaya in full accordance with the classic canons of dance. The second was a technical composition in Kuchipudi style but under the accompaniment of electronic trance music.
Can you imagine what it looks like? Then keep you eye on the schedule of our concerts at The Museum of the Oriental Arts. We are going to repeat the experiment!

Dance and drama performance "The Lord of Pary". 2006

Dance and drama performance "The Lord of Pary"

The action takes place in a Magic land at the palace of the Lord. Each morning 4 main paries: Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald greet him with dances and floral tributes. But one day the Lord of Pary's favorite Emerald is late for the daily ceremony. O god, does she fly outside the magic country! Her friends suspect the most terrible thing: she is in love with a mortal man!!!
Do you want to know what happened next? See.

TNT TV Channel

TNT TV ChannelTNT TV Channel. Making a film for the program "Moscow. The application sheet". 2006

Whatever they may say, it is sometimes nice to see yourself on TV!
Then all the friends call you and wonder: "You don't say! We thought Indian dance was the exposing of a bare belly and hips playing! And it is really so serious with you, sophisticated finger gestures+cool!" You just swell with pride!
Television is good!

Days of Indian culture. Hotel "Foresta Tropicana". 2006

Days of Indian culture. Hotel "Foresta Tropicana"

It is winter. Snow lays everywhere. There are biting frosts outside and it is 30 below zero+.

But we are in the hotel with an exotic name "Foresta Tropicana"! We have our own small India here, we are warm and having fun!

"The healing power of dance" A concert lecture in tea club "East". 2006

"The healing power of dance" A concert lecture in tea club "East"

A junction of the two most ancient cultures, Indian and Chinese.
A cozy atmosphere of a Chinese tea club! You lie on small pillows enjoying taste and smell of elite highland tea+ You feel absolutely pacified. And then we suddenly and out of the blue burst into. We are bright, shining, dynamic and we start jumping, spinning and stamping with our feet! A hurricane! Everyone is absolutely delighted except for a few "true" ministers of the tea cult. They could never understand what all that quick jumping and energy losing was for if you can lie in comfort, drink tea and do not move...)

The opening of ethnic club "Gates of The Sun" in Tula. 2005

The opening of ethnic club "Gates of The Sun" in Tula

Besides us there also were oriental dancers and a fire show! We were so eager to make photos against the background of their flares but unfortunately photoflashes were much brighter, that's why you can only guess about the flares.

A corporate party. 2005

A corporate party

Just imagine how wonderful 15 dancers of Indian classic dance in full make up and bright costumes look together!
To organize such an event we had to involve other groups besides our own: "Sarasvati" of Bharatnatyam style, "Tarang" of Kathak style and Odissi. Janna Friske who was preparing for the same event couldn't resist and sat herself in the lotus pose just to make a picture with us.

"Russian Radio" birthday party. Yacht club "Admiral". 2005

"Russian Radio" birthday party. Yacht club "Admiral"

Whatever they say, it is with flying colors that one dances on a clear and sunny day in the open air and on the bank of Klyazma reservoir! It is hardly a coincidence that all dance performances in India take place on a square near a temple. The Hindus are the competent people.

"Indian dance has many faces". A concert in the Museum of the Oriental Arts. 2005

"Indian dance has many faces"

This was the first joint concert where 3 different schools of Indian classic dance: Kuchipudi, Odissi and Bharatnatyam united. It was the beginning of the close cooperation that developed into the annual cycle of concert lectures in the Museum of the Oriental Arts.

Shooting a trailer for cable TV. 2005

Shooting a trailer for cable TV

Now the plot thickens! This time the cable TV became interested in us! The director of photography expressed willingness to try his hand at a not so easy genre. See what came out of this!

Shooting a film in the "Aktiv" youth center. Novogireyevo. 2005

Shooting a film in the "Aktiv" youth center

There! The high-ranking officials took notice of us! Hurrah! At last our "hard" labor in the blessed field of Indian classic dance attracted attention of the local authorities...

"The Golden Palace" casino birthday party in Indian style. 2004

"The Golden Palace" casino birthday party in Indian style

Pushkin's square. An open air stage, below is the crowd of enthusiastic connoisseurs of art. How beautiful it is! It appears that dancing 4 dances in a raw in the open air is that simple.

In class

In class

What does Kuchipudi start from?
Of course it starts with hard work in class! Eyes are beaming with happiness, smiles on faces but don't be under delusion that it's all that simple! Just try to sit in a plie pose for a couple of minutes, and now imagine what it takes to dance in this position for two hours (standard duration of a class). This is a great exercise stress! But the bravest and the most resistant ones will get the incomparable joy of "complete possession of your own body".

A concert of Indian classic dance. 2003

A concert of Indian classic dance

This was the last time that I, Eleonora Levanskaya, took part in a concert as a student! Indian dance company "Natyalayam" under the guidance of V. Krishnaradj became my last step before transition to absolutely new state of "the head of "Ananda Thandava" studio" that I am up to this day.

Concert program "The magic World of Kuchipudi". Central House of Artists. 2000

Concert program "The magic World of Kuchipudi"

We are few but all are in Indian costumes!
This concert with me as a member of no longer existing ensemble of Indian dance "Andjali" under the guidance of I. Strakhovenko became my stage debut.

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