Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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A short chronicle of "Ananda Tandava" 'S MOST significant dance events.

December 24, 2008

A performance in the White House

A performance in the White House on the occasion of celebration of Christmas and The New Year.


The time has come to renew the "Indian-Soviet friendship"!
The coming year 2009 has been proclaimed the year of India in Russia!
We were lucky to be the first swallows in establishing cultural connections between our countries.
The energy of the meeting of two great cultures - Kuchipudi and the Government of Russia headed by V. V. Putin (unfortunately we couldn't see D. A. Medvedev) turned out to be truly stunning.
In the middle of the dancing the equipment went down and the auditorium sank into the absolute silence. But we managed to demonstrate the paragons of self-control: for a whole minute we stood at attention with our hands raised in "natyarambhe" position. The numerous attempts to drive us off the stage by means of prolonged storm of applause were not crowned with success! We did not leave the stage until they turned the music on for one more time and gave us the opportunity to dance from the start. The exclusive photos can be viewed here.

November 22, 2008

Concert lecture in The Museum of Oriental Arts

Concert lecture in The Museum of Oriental Arts. In the Embrace of the Lord of Dance.

While our colleagues in St. Petersburg were holding "The second international contest of performers of Indian dance" where about 40 groups from all over Russia gathered together, we did our part of business here in Moscow.
It was astonishingly easy and pleasant to dance! It happened maybe because the Indian dance laid a bridge between the two capitals that day or maybe because November 22 turned out to be "a favorable day for understanding different cultures" according to the lunar calendar.
But you can make sure of it yourselves by looking at concert photos and watching the concert video.

September 28, 2008

The concert Scottish Dances: All Sides of TraditionThe concert "Scottish Dances: All Sides of Tradition" Cultural Center "DOM" (House)

It looks like the friendship with other dancing directions begun with joint compositions with the hip-hop dancers and the Irish dances is growing.
Listening to the captivating sounds of bagpipe and enjoying the grace of the Scottish dancers it is simply impossible to be kept from thinking: "Why not to try to make a joint composition under live music?" The Scottish dancers of "Shady Glen" school approvingly nod. All we need is just to exact the compliance with the bagpipers and drummers orchestra "Moscow & District Pipe Band ". And while we are busy with it, you can view photos from the concert.

October 18, 2008

Guruji Mrs. Rajashri Behera workshop

Guruji Mrs. Rajashri Behera workshop. Odissi style. "In the Petrovskiye Lines" concert hall.


If someone tells you that abhinaya (pantomime art) is absolutely different in Odissi and in Kuchipudi styles - do not trust him!

The workshop conducted by Guruji Mrs.Rajashri Behera, one of the best dancers in Odissi style, for the students of our studio studying Kuchipudi has demonstrably proved it! It was a real holiday!

The brilliant actor's game of Guruji transferring the most delicate nuances of spiritual experiences, her extraordinary sensual expression and the perfected techniques have absolutely enchanted us. Memory of this surprising workshop will remain in our hearts forever!

Festival "ETHNOLIFE-2008" on August, 16th, 2008

Festival ETHNOLIFE-2008

The regular ethnic cultures festival ETHNOLIFE was held in the park Art-Muzeon on August, 16.

What is the goal of such actions? The organizers write about it the following: "Both each river remembers the source, and each person should know the origin".

Festival ETHNOLIFE occurrence in our country has coincided with the reference of people of the whole world to the sources, primordial traditions and cultural values. For short term ETHNOLIFE has got many friends and followers in Russia and behind its limits. ETHNOLIFE is a festival of cultures of the nations of the world, propagandizing religious, ethnic and racial tolerance, and also a healthy way of life.

This year we have managed to bring the modest contribution to this rather positive movement!

June 8, 2008

A joint concert Igor invites his friends!

A joint concert "Igor invites his friends!" Concert Hall of Moscow College of Aviation.


A code-named concert "Igor invites his friends!" took place on June 8, 2008.

Musicians from "Tintal" band, members of the Cuban dance studio "Cariba", the school of modern dance "Vortex", the school of Scottish dance "Shady Glen", the studio of flamenco "Costa del flamenco" and, of course our dear "Ananda Tandava" came to see Igor, the head of the Irish dance school "Iridan".

This time we surprised the viewers with our second (!) joint composition with the Irish dancers, "Saga of The Erbalungs".

The Erbalungs are dance tribes that live in the emerald lands of Ireland and the orange lands of India. Once in a millennium these amazing tribes gather together and...!!!!

What happens then is shown in pictures here and on video here.

Tea and coffee festival in Kolomenskoye. May 31, 2008

Tea and coffee festival in Kolomenskoye

It was the last spring day. Rather a warm one except for the wind. "Indian guests" came to see the tea and coffee festival.
We unloaded right out of the car before the eyes of the enthusiastic public and went straight into dancing. One dance after another, one dance after another, it wouldn't take long to get cold you know+.
Kolomenskoye is a nice place of course, but still it is not India!
The picture story of this event is here.

April 26, 2008

A modern dance studio "Contrast" concert

A modern dance studio "Contrast" concert. "Krasniy Oktyabr" (Red October) concert hall.


Thanks to the joint production "Kuchipudi+Hip-Hop" our studio was invited to take part in this modern dance studio "Contrast" solo concert where various dance trends (jazz, hip-hop, modern, break dance, R'n'B and also children choreography) were presented.
Our studio performed both traditional Kuchipudi compositions and the new ones. Photos from this concert can be viewed here.

April 19, 2008

The Dance Kaleidoscope

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. The Dance Kaleidoscope.


In this concert program we repeated the compositions presented in April 12 concert, in particular the joint productions with the modern dance studio "Contrast" (Kuchipudi + Hip-Hop) and with the school of Irish Dance "Iridan" except for the staff was slightly different.
The Odissi dance studio presented its traditional compositions. Also a performer in Bharatnatyam style, Natalya Savelyeva, took part in the concert. Photos from the concert can be viewed here.

April 13, 2008

The Oriental Rhapsody

"The Oriental Rhapsody". "In the Petrovskiye Lines" concert hall.


The program presented compositions in styles of Odissi, Kuchipudi (performed by "Ananda Tandava"), Kathak (performed by the theatre of Indian dance "Tarang"), Bharatnatyam, and also folk and pop dances.

Photos from the concert can be viewed here.

April 12, 2008

Indian dances since antiquity to our time

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. Indian dances since antiquity to our time.


In this concert program we presented several non-traditional compositions. We wanted to bring to audience the idea that a classic form of ancient art can be quite timely nowadays!
A joint production with the modern dance studio "Contrast" is a combination of Kuchipudi and Hip-Hop techniques under the accompaniment of the respective music. (See foto here)
A joint (slightly modernized) composition with the Irish step dancers (Moscow school of Irish dance "Iridan") is a dance set up in full accordance with Kuchipudi canons under the accompaniment of original French lyrics (photos and video are here).
In conclusion "The Wave of The Universe" that took everyone's liking was performed. (See video here)

March 16, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day

The Sixth annual festival of the Irish music and dance "Saint Patrick's Day". Concert Hall of Moscow College of Aviation.


Hurrah! We did this at last!!! A joint production with the Irish dancers turned out wonderfully well!
Of course now we are full of creative ideas how to finalize it but the main part is done: the dance has been set up and performed at the Sixth Festival of Irish music and dance organized by the Moscow school of Irish dance "Iridan".
It was a great honor for us to take part in this wonderful concert for besides "Iridan" a great number of remarkable dance groups also participated. Among them were "Lege Artis", the Moscow school of keily dance "Accordance", the school of Scottish dance "Shady Glen" (you can read enthusiastic reviews on this company's performance on one of our dancers, Nazira Tyuleneva's live journal pages), flamenco "La Compania", Cuban salsa, with live music by "Puck & Piper" and "Boa Juice" bands.
Photos from the concert can be viewed here.

March 15, 2008

The healing power of dance

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. The healing power of dance.


It is funny but for some reason the concert lecture entitled "The healing power of dance" coincided with flu epidemic and the most part of our company was all at once sick. That's why there were few of us but the most resistant ones!
What a disappointing coincidence!
But on the other hand you can not only view the photos of the concert but also read what was spoken about at the lecture.

December 8, 2007

The healing power of dance

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. The healing power of dance.


In this concert lecture we, together with Odissi group tried to tell and to demonstrate visually how wholesome the Indian temple dance influence on viewers' psychic setup and energy properties can be. In addition we slightly lifted the veil off the secret and disclosed what stands behind the seeming lightness and ease of a dancer and what claims are laid to him/her so that he/she is able to act as a healer of "body and soul illnesses"!
All those who could not see this on December 8 are invited to visit the next lecture on March 15 and we perhaps will share another secret with you! Photos from the concert can be viewed here.

December 1, 2007

The magic world of Kuchipudi

A concert lecture in The Museum of the Oriental Arts. The magic world of Kuchipudi.


I could never imagine there would be such a full house at The Museum of the Oriental Arts.
This was our first independent (!) concert lecture and it turned out well!

The house was so full that some people had to stand the whole concert long! But afterwards they confessed they were happy just to be there for not all were this lucky. Of course it's a pity that not all who wanted to come could do that.
As a consolation prize I offer you to see photos from this concert.

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