Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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Archive of the news - 2009.


July 24, 2009. The "Video" section now contains a video report from the concert program "From the Temples of India to the Mountains of Scotland" that took place on June 17th, 2009 at The Moscow International Performing Arts Center.


July 11, 2009. A program dedicated to the year of India in Russia is out on TV channel "Russia Today"! Our studio takes part in this program which also includes an interview with the President of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) Dr. Karan Singh.

The record of the program can be viewed here.


June 17, 2009. On June 20, our studio will take part in "The First Festival Of Dance" in Luzhniki. The action starts at 15:00. For details click here.


June 7, 2009. All those interested are invited to visit a dancing kaleidoscope entitled "From The Temples Of India To The Mountains Of Scotland" that will take place on June 17 at 19:00 at The Moscow International Performing Arts Center! For details click here.


May 29, 2009. Attention! The enrollment into the group of beginners continues! Send your requests to our e-mail address. The classes will begin in September. A more detailed schedule will come later.


May 5, 2009. We invite all interested persons to visit our concert that will take place on May 16 at 18:00 at the Museum Of Oriental Arts!


April 14, 2009. There is an opportunity to download a training film about Kuchipudi (in russian) in a good digital quality! You can download films here (all text in russian!).
View trailer here.


March 30, 2009. Attention to all "Ananda Tandava" students! We have relocated from "Smolenskaya" to "Vodniy Stadion". Here is the plan how to find us.


March 21, 2009. Enrollments for the beginners have started! Send your requests with you name/surname/age and phone number data to our e-mail address. We shall certainly contact you!


March 12, 2009. A concert dedicated to St. Patrick's Day will take place in DK MAI on March 17 at 19:30. At last you will have a chance to see some of our joint Indian-Irish productions.

Tickets can be purchased at the booking office of DK MAI.


February 4, 2009. ATTENTION! On February 7 at 17:00 a test class for the March group of beginners will take place! The address is: "Arbatskaya" metro station, Trubnikovskiy pereulok, 24 (not far from "Oktyabr" cinema center), "5 life" dance school.


January 15, 2009. Enrollment for the March group of beginners has started! Send your requests with you name/surname/age and phone number data to our e-mail address. The schedule and the place of classes will be announced later. Keep your eye on the news!


January 15, 2009. A concert "A LITTLE SUNSHINE IN THE COLD WINTER" will take place at DK "Na Petrovskih Liniyah" on January 19 at 19:00.

On the program: the vigorous and masterly Kuchipudi born in the south of India; ODISSI, languishing and elegant like ocean waves on the eastern shore; and north-born KATHAK, rash like the wind and wonderful like spring.

You will see a passionate FLAMENCO performed under the accompaniment of live singing and guitar playing. The company will be supported by magic IRISH FOLK DANCES by elves and leprecons.

Bestow a summer mood upon yourselves without leaving snowy Moscow!

Information and tickets: 8-926-377-4727, 8-906-701-9175. We are waiting for you at the DK "Na Petrovskih Liniyah" concert hall: Petrovskie Linii street, 1/20, metro stations "Kuznetskiy Most", "Trubnaya", "Teatralnaya", 10 minutes within a walking distance.


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