Indian classical dance. Kuchipudi style.

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The exercises presented in this section are intended not only for beginners who have already started to study in our studio but also for all those who is planning to join us!

This is the best way to prepare your body for the forthcoming loads!

Besides both these gymnastics will be of invaluable use to all who has already been going in for some kinds of dances since they allow to keep the energy component of a body in proper order and faster restore the strength after the loads!


These exercises were developed to strengthen the functioning of energy systems of organism by means of exposing the meridian tracks that provide the free flow of vital force.

A daily implementation of this set of exercises allows removing the imbalance in separate meridians and to relax the tension and energy lockup in them. It is important to remember, that none of the influences that are brought upon certain parts of body cannot go without certain changes in the whole organism.

While doing the exercises on stretching the meridians it is important not to do yourself harm while taking this or that stretching poses. The breath must be clear and the movements unhurried, you should try to reach the maximum relaxation of body between each stretching.


"This is the great sacrament,

for however the body of the person has been destroyed by time or illness,

a hardship or satiation,

it will be revived by the look the Heavenly Eye,

both the youth will return, and health,

and a great force of life will be given"


The body has nineteen energy centers which in English could be called vortexes. Seven of them are the cores and twelve - minor. They are powerful electrical fields, invisible to the eye, butWarm-up for dancers quite real nonetheless.

The site of minor vortexes corresponds to position of joints of extremities: six top minor vortexes correspond to humeral joints, elbow joints and radiocarpal joints and brushes of hands; six bottom minor vortexes correspond to coxofemoral joints, knees and ankle joints with feet.

When feet of the person are dissolved not too widely in the parties, knee vortexes incorporate, forming one big vortex, by quantity of the energy concentrated in it coming nearer to the cores. And as the usual person extremely seldom appears in the situations demanding from him performance of intensive wide-amplitude moves by feet, performance of Warm-up for dancers"the splits" and similar exercises, the knee vortexes almost always represent one vortex.

Each of these seven vortexes centers on one of the seven ductless glands in the body's endocrine system, and it functions in stimulating the gland's hormonal output. It is these hormones which regulate all of the body's functions, including the process of aging. The lowest or first vortex centers on the reproductive glands. The second vortex centers on the pancreas in the abdominal region. The third centers on the adrenal gland in the solar plexus region. The fourth vortex centers on the thymus gland in the chest or heart region. The fifth centers on the thyroid gland in the neck. The sixth centers on the pineal gland at the rear base of the brain. And the seventh, highest vortex centers on the pituitary gland at the forward base of the brain.

In a healthy body, each of these vortexes revolves at great speed, permitting vital life energy, also called 'prana' or 'etheric energy,' to flow upward through the endocrine system. But if one or more of these vortexes begins to slow down, the flow of vital life energy is inhibited or blocked, and-well, that's just another nameWarm-up for dancers for aging and ill health. These spinning vortexes extend outward from the flesh in a healthy individual, but in the old, weak, and sickly they hardly reach the surface.

In individuals especially powerful and developed in every respect all vortexes merge in one dense rotating field formation, under the form reminding huge power egg. The usual person also reminds an egg, however field density in it is various the core of vortexes essentially differs on energy density from periphery.

The quickest way to regain youth, health, and vitality is to start these energy centers spinning normally again. There are five simple exercises that will accomplish this. Actually there are six of them but the sixth is a special one and should be described separately. Any one of them alone is helpful, but all five are required to get best results. These five exercises are not really exercises at all. The Lamas call them 'rites'. And the name of this simple system is "The Eye Of Revelation".

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